He was born on 12 April in Bourgas

Zodiac Sign: Aries

His father is sailor, his mother is dental mechanic. He has an older sister and he gets alongwith her perfectly.

Colour of his eyes: Brown

Height: 175

Ambitions: To realize even a small part of my dreams in this life.

Against the wind: Is difficult to walk, but it’sinteresting to know how far you could get.

I like to: make gifts and meet friends

I believe in: Myself, Love and God

I hate to: make plans that wreckat the last moment, but I get used to it.


Men/ Women are: I don’tdivide them. We are all the same.


I’ve always wanted everybody around me to know that: Iam an ordinarykind of man no matter it doesn’t seem so…



I love to eat: When I’m hungry. I adore chocolate and everything madeof it. I also eat a lot of icecream.


He has graduated the National Academy of Music“P. Vladigerov” -Sofia,subject – opera singing in the class of Professor Blagovesta Karnobatlova andPrincipal Lecturer Margarita Basnarova.

His diploma spectacle was held in Mozart’s Year (2005).

He played the leading part of prince Tamino in the opera“The Magic Flute”.


He is winner of many awards from festivals and contents in Bulgariaand abroad.