About Stefan Ilchev

1. Name: Stefan Ilchev 
2. Date and Place of birth: 12.04. Bourgas 
3. Zodiac sign: Aries 
4. Eye Color: Brown 
5. Height: 175 
6. Ambitions: to fulfill even a small part of your dreams in this life 
7. Upwind: go hard, but it is interesting to know how far you can get 
8. I like  to: make gifts and to meet friends 
9. I believe in: myself, love and God 
10. I hate: to make plans and they faild at the last moment, but get used to it 
11. Men / women: Do not disintegrate. We are all the same. 
12. Drugs are: One big thing that turns people into nit 
13. Value: family, friends, good music, talent, and beauty in all dimensions 
14. Friends: people, without which no one and people ask for advice IP share 
15. Stupidity is: a common phenomenon and no one is insured to do stuff 
16. I feel: I am more powerful than ever 
17. I do not understand: a lot of things and not deal with them.Well everyone is dealing with what means, or has the necessaryeducation to do so. 
18. Dream: it is much sign of healthy sleep, which I need more … 
19. Dream: Like everyone, I mechtaya.Mnogo of them come true to meand not stop to dream. 20. I want to live: No matter where you live.The important thing is to be happy and have a roof over your head. 
21. If I were an animal I would be: Scorpion 
22. I always wanted all around me to know that: I am a normal person as not to show my … 
23.Obicham to eat: When I am hungry. I love chocolate and everything from ice cream and many nego.Hapvam 
24.Navitsite which are no secret: sleep in any time, a little smoke. I quickly tire a lot. 
25. When you do not fall asleep: I have not happened. Bed I fallasleep immediately, because this is something that I never fed. 
26. Sam: When I am alone, listening to music, wander by TV or sleep. 
27. Stuff that I appreciate most are: my mobile phone, pillow, and my cup of coffee. 
28. I can: to continue to penetrate the hearts of people with his voice. 
29. I play like: I do not give to play anything, but please instrumentalist KennyG 
30. I like to sing: MarcAnthony 
31. The first band that I heard was: Newkidsontheblock 
32. When I was little I wanted to become: dentist 
33.Sutrin up: Have not happened to me to get up early morning and not know what is 
34. Night bed: Very kasno.Ponyakoga is almost light outside. Well, I have blinds …… 
35.Obicham to go on: excursions, places with live music, film and especially meetings with friends 
36. I want to say: no one could take me anything whatsoever to do 
37. My best quality: sincerity, always usmihnatoto person, and rapid assessment of the people. 
38. My biggest flaw: too fast to allow the people themselves and Iam very good and patient 39. Favorite color: White, black and green 
40. The films that I watched more than 5 times are: beautiful woman, Lord of the Rings 1,2,3 
41. Actor: JohnyDepp 
42. Singer: MarcAnthony 
43. Singer: Mariah Carey 
44.Grupa: Boyz II men 
45.Lyubimo телевиэионно Showtime: no time for TV 
46.Lyubim series: Series I watch 
47.Trik эа combat the heat during the summer: I am a Marine kid and I think that trick is known to all, namely, SEA 
48.Bih like to have dinner with: I would like not only to dinner, and if we can spend some time in the company of Mariah Cary 
49.Lyubima marks car: one that currently drive – Renault 50.
Favorite clothing marks: Not prehlasvam in branding is oblekla.Vazhnoto clothes are comfortable and you are good. 
51.Lyubimi perfumes: CKEuphoriq, Clinique, YvesSaintLaurent and many others … 
52. Favorite author: Lewis Carroll 
53. Favorite books: children and those I have not read 
54. Countries I visited: Spain, Italy, Austria, France, Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia,Switzerland,USA,Izrael